Thursday, May 14, 2009

The final countdown

It occurs to me that I shouldn't be running on empty leading up to the wedding, but that's just how it's been lately with my work schedule. I drank more coffee yesterday than I have in years. Late last night, I pulled the tried-and-true "maybe I'll just go to sleep and wake up early to finish this project" move that saw me through twenty years of schooling. Bad habits never die - especially for procrastinators. But as of an hour ago, my deadline is history. Slam dunk. And fortunately for my career, I've been able to hide the fact that I've been wearing clothes straight from the dirty clothes hamper (ewwwwww, i know!) for two days of meetings at a local agency in order to slam dunk said deadline. Seriously, wearing dirty clothes? That's how scatterbrained I've been. Workworkwork in the office, and at home? No laundry or doing anything practical whatsoever, but instead working out twice in one day, redoing all of our table assignments AGAIN, wondering if I should write a brief history of the Outer Banks for the Welcome Bags, and folding soooo much paper. You know, priorities and all... :-)

Here's the thing. I don't care if I'm crazy-busy now, because this is how all these odds and ends get done. But when we arrive in the Outer Banks on Wednesday night, I don't want to do one detail-oriented thing except for assemble/deliver the Welcome Bags and get our marriage license. That's it. Just laugh and celebrate and smile and enjoy it.

So now that my deadline's done (yay!!!), it's the final countdown toward a certain trip we are taking on Wednesday. We had some RSVPs change from No's to Yes's this week, so actually had to do quite a bit of rearranging and redoing, which is why this list doesn't look smaller. But oh well. It's just wasted card stock and brain cells. ;-) I have one small work assignment to tend to over the next few days, but basically plan to spend most of my office hours blatantly stealing printer ink. Here's how we're doing since the last list:

To Do:
  • Rent/borrow tables for Welcome Cookout - my aunt is researching this for us
  • Finish ceremony plans with Gene
  • Write vows
  • Fam to pick up wedding dress in NC
  • Saturday - Bliss Spa!!
  • DJ guidelines/play/do not play - mostly done - I think we still need to give him more info, though
  • Ribbon-bind the programs
  • Finish making escort cards - 3/4 there
  • Finish table signs and print
  • Buy frame/mat/pens for "guestbook"
  • Talk through ceremony music arrangements with our violinist (my adorable music prodigy cousin!)
  • Help Sasha finish custom map - print
  • Make Bride and Groom signs for chairs
  • Make Cards sign
  • Print new Welcome Bag tags
  • Rest of Welcome Bag - other printed odds and ends/candy?/water?/other?
  • Print photos for display
  • Cookout timeline
  • Pack
Done since last list:
  • Reception timeline
  • Groomsmen sock decision
  • Cookie bag tags printed, cut, folded
  • Nail down pricing details of kayaking/golfing - finish planning
  • Finish and submit official venue checklist
  • Table assignments and space-planning chart completed
  • Mom dropped off DIY goods in OBX
  • Pick up engraved perfume bottle
  • Finish flower cans (DIY HQ)
  • Girls' hairpieces - done and done
  • Napkins - cocktail and reception
  • Print and assemble programs
  • Schedule wedding rehearsal


elizabeth said...

Holy cow! You are ORGANIZED, girl! Nice completed list!

I wish the US would adopt the Spanish system, in which one is *required* to take off (as in, not *allowed* to work) the three weeks before the wedding.

EmilyB said...

How fun!! Just think, your hard work will pay off when you can enjoy every second with your fam and friends!!! I just bought a frame with a big mat for our "guest book" ... Pottery Barn was having a 20% off sale on their nice gallery collection. Not sure if you've already investigated, but Michael's and Bed, Bath & Beyond had some too.