Monday, April 6, 2009

Not My Dress: Remember Audrey?

My most haunting Not My Dress is Vera's Audrey, which hung across from me in the now-defunct bridal salon where I bought my own gown like an overpriced specter that I dared not try on.

Because I love seeing dresses on real brides rather than ghastly-thin and stoned models (remember the Wedding Gown Advertisement Drinking Game?), allow me to introduce the gorgeous Nicolette, via A Wedding Cabaret. She does Audrey proud.

By the way, last week was Bridal Fashion Week and I'm pretty sure I'll need to do lots of Not My Dress-ing this week to digest it all. Also, my second dress fitting with hometown gal Heather is scheduled for next week. Jillian has me sore and limping in preparation.

1 comment:

mimi said...

hee hee ghastly thin and stoned. i keep trying to figure out how to do my makeup so i can look like that too!