Monday, April 13, 2009

Bachelorette blunder photo op

The weekend was spectacular: old friends, a shirtless 50-year-old British icon, the best bar ever named after a presumed assassin, pool time, hilariously trashy lingerie gifts, a spectacular Saturday night dinner, ridiculous only-in-Dallas people-watching, and your standard guys-trying-to-grind-on-you stopover.

My favorite photo? Late, LATE into the night, this guy tried to ruin our Girl Power photo op. The presumption!


Milltini said...

Love it! So glad you ladies had fun!

Mojito Maven said...

so sad I missed this part of the evening...and i am not giving back that necklace hahahaah.

MBPD said...

omg i love Heather trying to cover his face!

Allie said...

Rachel! I am so onto you!

I love how Lisa manages to get her seductive face in over Heather's arm.