Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our escort cards

I'm bursting with the cuteness of these little guys. You remember our themed tables? Here's the first glimpse at our escort card display... with our tiny adorable campaign buttons attached to each one!

We had the buttons made by the Busy Beaver Button Company - a great value, by the way. And the rest came together using design elements from our invitations. Getting excited!!!

Coming up tomorrow: a DIY spectacular straight from DIY HQ in North Carolina.


Amanda B. Young said...

Ummmm are you kidding me!? These are ridiculously adorable. WOW! I CANNOT WAIT to see all the photos from your wedding. You guys are incredible!

Cate said...

those buttons KILL me. so awesome! you're going to hate me for how many ideas i'm stealing from you.
thanks for reading the blog today -- i really appreciate it. and peas? we're still on shaky ground.