Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Programs

It's been far too long without any ABCD goodness on this blog... please allow me to correct that!

Because we all know how much I love paper, I knew from the beginning that I wanted special programs. I found my inspiration via Martha. Take a look (if you can avert your eyes from the groom in seersucker, of course): Landscaped design, ribbon binding, small enough to slip into a suit jacket pocket or a clutch. Adorable!

Amy cooked up a few fun designs for us. Here's the one we chose:

We're working on the interior now, but I think once the insides are printed, I'll be binding them with these ribbons:

I always keep programs from weddings (this explains why I'm a packrat). But I love looking back at them over time and remembering the ceremony. I think these little beauties will definitely be keepsake material.

PS: I'll take photos of the real deals when we have them all assembled, and they will make my ever-expanding Detail Shots List for our photographer, too.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

can't wait to see! the designs and the ribbon are great. my program ended up being about 12 pages long because i wrote stories about each attendant in the program and printed lyrics to one of the songs. i think ours was a keepsake, too-- at least it was to me! :)

and i keep wedding programs all the time too!

LPC said...

You know, seersucker ain't actually immoral. Except, like madras, its heritage is one of Anglo Saxon response to colonial heat and humidity. I personally am still quite fond of seersucker. From an aesthetic, rather than political, perspective.

The F-Word said...

As is Maggie, LPC, I assure you. Otherwise she probably wouldn't let me wear it on our wedding day ;-)

mimi said...

i don't know whether to thank you or be mad at you. i wasn't going to do programs but those little books are so cute and i could maybe do it at home. hmmmm....