Friday, April 10, 2009

Girls Weekend is ON!

Woo hoo, my Girls WeekendokayfineBachelorette is here!

Today's travel overview looks a little something like this:

Tonight: Morrissey and my fave dive bar. (I adore the irony of Mozz kicking off a bachelorette weekend in a big way. Enough to use the word bachelorette without prefacing its use by explaining my hatred of traditions where girls where ridiculous things on their heads in bars, even.)

Tomorrow: Laid-back nothingness during the day. Sushi extravaganza at night. Drinkydrinkydrinky after that.

  • My oldest friend Allie (fellow gloom-rock freak, we had a fortune-telling business together in fifth grade)
  • My college friend Amy (partner in all things procrastination, "The White Ghost," oh the late nights together...)
  • T's sister Avery (just back to the US from her annual half-year in Europe - Dallas will blow Linz, Austria away, OBVS, and we are ready to welcome her back in style!)
  • High school galpal Heather (vivacious redhead who goes way back with T now ;-), and will actually be in Dallas for over a week!)
  • T's sister Morgan (who like Avery is awesome and who unlike us lives in DC and we're jealous of her for it)
  • My college gal Nance (supreme power mama/hot scientist, who is ready to light it up on her first weekend away since having her little man Patrick)
  • The fantastic Lisa K, our local host, who was the first girl I met in this town and thought it just might be okay after all. For that, I owe Lisa plenty. Kicking out her husband for the weekend and letting seven girls crash in her home? I owe her even more.
On Saturday night, we'll joined by three ladies we know and love in blog word: Kate, Slynnro, and Mojito Maven. I have a feeling they're going to kick our evening up a notch, don't you?

YAY for these fantastic ladies descending upon me! Special shout-outs to those that will be missed this weekend: my sister Lisa (pregnant), college galpal Tracy (pregnant), and my New Mexico girls Mikaela (juuuuust had her baby), and Marjorie (family wedding).

Let the games begin!!!


Milltini said...

have so much fun!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

have a great weekend with all of your girls! it's so much fun having everyone together in one place!

Mojito Maven said...

woo hoo! can't wait!

jaydee said...

how exciting! you guys (y'all?) will have so much fun! I hope the weather cooperates for you!

mjae said...

So with you in spirit! Oh to be laying poolside right now...

It's raining here!

Legallyblondemel said...

Hope you had a fantastic time. Any non-bachelorette bachelorette party, with the spiritual muse of Morrissey, is my kind of b-party.