Monday, June 8, 2009

The one you never hoped to meet

So the two of us, as in love as we are? Not romantics in the traditional sense of the word. Remember way back when, we were looking for invitation wording, and half of what we found gave us icky, saccharine, pukey feelings? Yeah... We're not really fairy tale material. When we met each other, finding the person we were going to marry was the last thing on either of our minds. In fact, we might have wrapped this whole thing up a lot sooner had we not fought falling in love as hard as we did for as long as we did.

But some things cannot be helped. And we couldn't help ourselves, and so we finally gave in. But fairy tales still make us roll our eyes.

For us, then, honoring someone controversial and real and hard at our wedding made perfect sense. It's difficult to get less fairy tale than Henry Miller. The irony was too delicious to pass up.

From our ceremony, as read by our rock star officiant Gene... the Henry Miller excerpt that we couldn't resist:

“One can wait a whole lifetime for a moment like this. The woman [or man] whom you never hoped to meet now sits before you, and she talks and looks exactly like the person you dreamed about. But strangest of all is that you never realized before that you had dreamed about her. Your whole past is like a long sleep which would have been forgotten had there been no memory, but remembrance is there in the blood and the blood is like an ocean in which everything is washed away but that which is new and more substantial even than life: REALITY."

- Henry Miller, "Tropic of Capricorn"

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