Monday, June 22, 2009

Change is a good thing

While we wait for more wedding photos to ooh and aah at, an announcement of sorts:

I'll be blogging from new digs soon.

That's right... a brand spankin' new blog. Many of you might not be aware, but I spent years before starting this 'lil 'ol wedding blog writing about politics and community organizing/planning issues at m-pyre, with two of my all-time favorite gals. Eat, Drink, Marry has been a great framework to write about more of the personal and playful, but make no mistake - I'm still a newsfiend, still have tirades about daily affairs, and still get nerdy delight from my wonky interests. My new blog (name and site to be unveiled soon!) will be a combination of what I dug into at m-pyre and what's amused me over here for nearly a year - plus lots of reading, cooking, shopping, nerding out, and more.

Soon we'll uncover mysteries such as:

What in the world is in my fridge, anyway?

And, really? A salad of watermelon and onion?

And, what was so absurd in today's paper again? And what book last kept me up until 3 a.m.?

Your standard fare... from gender analysis to pop culture snark, from what's wrong with the Farm Bill to why I can't own too many wrap dresses. The stuff that makes me tick. And obviously: the ongoing adventures of M&T.

Rest assured that we'll continue doing a full wedding recap over here... but the next chapter is coming soon. Stay tuned!


Kate said...

Woop Woop! Can't wait!!!

Becky said...

Looking forward to it! I really enjoy your blog :)

mjae said...

Hurray! Keep the Mag-vibe coming!