Friday, June 19, 2009

Inquiring Mind: Laurie

Laurie asks...

I love love love your stickers and wrap-around invitation envelope labels. Where did you get the stickers and labels?

Hi Laurie! I loved our adhesives, too! ;-)

Our campaign stickers were a fun touch to our invitations and Welcome Bag tags. Here they are in action:

Our campaign logo was designed by ABCD Designs. Using Amy's design, I priced out various sticker companies for printing and ended up going with Dr. Don's. The quality was great and the price was very reasonable. I only wish I'd ordered more!

The labels on the pouchette (as seen above) were printed via ABCD as well, using her preferred printer in New York. I loved the clean look of the labels and how they afforded an "inner envelope" feel without seeming stuffy.

Amy also designed and printed our wrap-around labels for our outer envelopes, as seen here:

I loved that the labels felt personal but were more modern than traditional calligraphy. As gorgeous as some calligraphy can be, it didn't really fit us or our invitations, but these wraparound labels were perfect - and a snap to use.

There you have it!

More questions about our wedding? Comment here or shoot me an e-mail at maggie(dot)eatdrinkmarry (at) gmail (dot) com. Ask away!


ABC Dragoo said...


Thanks for "bragging" about ABCD Design today -
FYI: I finally got professional pictures of your stationery. You can see yours and other selected Spring-Time ABCD Designs here:

sarah said...

Your invitations were incredible!

danabrown said...

Hello from a fellow OBX bride, I have adored your blog and all of your ideas. I'd like to do sunscreen in my welcome bags as well, did you buy it in bulk somewhere? If so, where?
Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas with us!