Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inquiring Mind: Dana

Dana asks...

I'd like to do sunscreen in my welcome bags as well. Did you buy it in bulk somewhere? If so, where?

As a reminder, here are our Welcome Bags and a closeup of the sunscreen and bug spray...

The sunscreen came from the unfortunately named company Mexitan, and I photographed it here. Bulk sunscreen is actually fairly expensive, and this was the best deal I could find. I purchased two half-gallon containers and was able to fill up 70 2-oz bottles and have some to spare.

Dana, you can buy your very own Mexitan (really? do they not realize how terrible that sounds?) here.

More questions about our wedding? Comment here or shoot me an e-mail at maggie(dot)eatdrinkmarry (at) gmail (dot) com. Ask away!

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danabrown said...

Thanks! And Mexitan... really? Wow.