Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gifting each other

Yesterday, our gifts to the wedding crew. Today, our gifts to each other.

(I wanted to do this post with full-res photos, but it's going to be several more days until I have those goodies in my eager hands. Screen grabs from Pictage it is, then!)

Trevor's gift to me

I had two moments on our wedding day that were not mellow euphoria. One, when I thought I'd lost my corset and would be forced to race to the single department store in the area and purchase something ill-fitting and un-pretty, because going bra-less was not an option for me. Two, when I read Trevor's letter and nearly bawled all over my pretty just-finished makeup.

"Oh my God, I'm going to cry."

"His letter is so beautiful and I just scribbled his card while sitting on the toilet!" So classy.


So pretty! They truly are gorgeous diamond studs. I took them off this weekend for the first time since the wedding and my ears are getting angsty. You can see me wearing them on the ferry here.

My gift to Trevor

I'd planned all along on getting Trevor wedding cufflinks to bookend his proposal cufflinks, engraved with "I do!" instead of "Yes!" Problem was, he already owned the perfect cufflinks for his wedding suit, so we decided he'd just wear those. As it turned out, he had so much fun creating custom cufflinks for all his groomsmen that he decided to make some for himself, so he had new cufflinks after all. Either way, it was no longer going to be my gift to him. I thought about a watch, because Trevor is in the market for a new watch, but it seemed wrong for this event. I never wear a watch, and when Trevor and I met, the only thing he did without one was to shower - as in, he would step out of the shower and put it right back on, even to go to sleep. Some of you can imagine my hippie eyerolling at this very Virgo behavior back in the day. So now, I consider the fact that Trevor also no longer wears a watch as a personal victory of sorts - as in, now that he's with me he doesn't care what time it is. :-) But truly, I don't mind that he'll probably wear one again at some point (although not in bed, please!). So celebrating our marriage by getting him the one accessory that he loosened up enough over time to give up? Not happening. Also, let's be frank - can I afford the kind of watch he really wants? No. Moving on!

I decided to take another approach and go all-out fun for his gift - untraditional, something he wanted but didn't really know he wanted, something he wouldn't buy himself, and something I could personalize to make it a true memento. The goal? To make him laugh.

Even though my message inside was of the "Yay! We're getting married!" variety instead of the stunning, gorgeous, heartfelt message that he wrote me... I did love the letterpressed card I found. It's very much us.

Not my best work in that card. Who's the writer again? Hmmm.

Trevor grinning at his gift! It was an iPod.

Here's what it says on the back:

Jokers through and through.

Bonus working-from-home-Thursday track:


SLynnRo said...

Um, I got Aaron and train conductors hat. Because I told him old men are cute in train hats (client of a firm I used to work for wore one ALL THE TIME) and that since he was going to be my old man, he needed one. Lame, Iknow.

megan said...

my curiosity is getting the best of me...did he really not have an ipod? just wondering :)
you look absolutely beautiful in the picture where you're laughing!

Maggie said...

haha... he really didn't! Well, he had one of the first ones made, so it was terribly outdated and didn't really work anymore.

And S - I think that gift is adorable :-).

The F-Word said...

It's true, I didn't have a working Ipod. Mine was about 7 years old and had to be put out to pasture when I bought my laptop a few years ago. And the timing is perfect, because the laptop is pretty beaten up and I don't want to travel with it anymore if I can help it...

Legallyblondemel said...

I adore that photo of you laughing. Such a perfect, candid moment.

Standing & clapping for the F-Word on the diamond studs, by the way. Well done.

The iPod is also a terrific idea; that personalized engraving (of a song I admit to loving) is a fab touch.

megan said...

thanks for replying back! you guys are adorable and the wedding was absolutely fantastic. your eye for style is great!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

the photos are adorable and you look SO happy. i think i say that every time i comment on one of your pics from the big day.

love the gift ideas and your card is so adorable!