Monday, August 4, 2008

Bride Typology A: The Romantic

I met the sweetest bride in the world this weekend, and she made me feel like the anti-girl.

On a mini-vacay with Trevor's fam in Connecticut, his sisters, mother, and I went to our appointment at The White Dress By the Shore a little too decaffienated for what awaited us. Turned out that our appointed sales associate was a former student of Trevor's mother. She's also the most adorable, blondest, roundest thing in the world, who squealed like crazy when she saw Trevor's mom. Liberal use of the phrases "meant to be," "the best day of work ever," and "I'm just so excited to part of your son's day" followed. In my bride typology lexicon, she is what we will henceforth refer to as The Romantic.

The Romantic is getting married in October. When we commented on her antique engagement ring, she got very serious, her eyes welled up with tears, her hand went over her heart, and she said:

"My fiancee sparkles so much more than this ring does."

Just call me Grinch, but there's no way I could ever say that with a straight face.

The Romantic lives for that kind of thing, though. This day is Her Dream. Love conquers all. Sweetness prevails. Cake and roses everywhere. And really, what better job for her than to outfit brides and bridesmaids every day?

True to her job description, The Romantic rallied us through a morning of bridesmaid dress try-ons peppered with such romantic earnestness that we all felt like grinches by comparison. Just how effective was she? We changed the bridesmaid dresses to something more romantic. The sweeter, twirlier look prevailed.

Of course it did.

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Kate said...

Ok, I'm a new reader to your blog for the most part, so I decided to spend a lazy Friday night going back through your archives...I'm a a dork. Anyway, this post cracks me up! Did she REALLY say that about the sparkle? I would have wanted to punch her...just a little pit.