Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach wedding without shells?

So even though we're having a beach wedding, I've been pretty resistant to any kind of beach-themed decor. There are so many beautiful blue/white/brown beach weddings out there that use shells, boats, and starfish to great effect. As nice as that look can be, though, it just doesn't feel like me. It seems like there are so many more tacky "beach theme" weddings than classy ones, and perhaps that is the problem. Not surprising, then, that I've been rejecting every shell idea I've been given out of hand.

It's true, I know, that conch shells beautifully combine the light oranges and pinks of our wedding. My sister happens to have bags of them in her garage that we found in the Outer Banks a couple of summers ago. So maybe a subtle conch placement or two would be okay, but an entire theme seems a little too obvious, somehow. That said, how adorable are these shell place card holders?!

A little tropical for the Outer Banks, perhaps, but maybe not. Maybe I'll surprise myself with this one.

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Anonymous said...

Where can you buy these? Do they come in other colours too?