Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Letterpress love

As a lifelong lover of paper (stationery stores were my candy store as a fifth-grader), the thought of picking out wedding invitations was something that excited me from the beginning. Even though I embrace technology like a champ, our wedding website has an RSVP option built in already, and I have an environmental conscience, I just couldn't bear the thought of not sending out beautiful invitations. And of course - of course - they would be letterpress. There is just nothing like holding beautiful paper and seeing gorgeous, colorful designs and script pressed right into its flesh.

We've been on a couple of field trips to stationery stores to check out what's around, and for the most part, all we do is snore at most of what's available. Nearly everything feels too generic, traditional, or boring. The difference was clear to me yesterday, when a sample invitation pack I ordered from a fabulous invitation company arrived. I just couldn't stop oohing and aahing over the invitations, and Trevor really liked one of them right away, too. As with nearly everything, Trevor is a fantastic co-planner in that he has an actual opinion: he likes modern design, he prefers square invitations to traditional rectangles, he likes right-justified text rather than centered text, and is a fan of interesting typography. So much to work with there!

So letterpress + creativity + good design + eco-friendly practices/paper = $$$, right? What else is new... But really, the oohing and aahing potential! Having just one occasion to justify something gorgeous and letterpressed and suitable for framing!

So the options, then:
  • Letterpress invitations ordered through a small press
  • Custom-made letterpress invitations created through a local small press (we would incorporate an emblem made just for us)
Thankfully, resources abound online for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite letterpress companies ... their work is just outstanding: Bella Figura, CECI New York, Delphine Press, Louella Press, Papercupp, Wiley Valentine (and so many more!).

Whatever will we decide?!

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