Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mint Julep Madness

Thanks to a fantastic new restaurant in Dallas, I recently discovered how much I love mint juleps, which may or may not have a lot to do with the divine cups they are served in. Happily, I now have the makings of a wedding decor plan that will let me incorporate mint julep cups into the table arrangements.

My mom, my sister, and I are brainstorming a table plan that will combine various elements I love: color, eclecticism, detail, and whimsy. I don't want centerpieces that are too matchy-matchy, or so tall and dramatic that the guests I will have painstakingly seated together can't carry on a conversation. I want the tables to be fun, warm, and personal.

We're going to do a mix of textures, colors, patterns, and sizes at each table. Some elements will be homemade, and some will be finds from dusty antique stores and random auctions. We'll have a mix of cloth, ribbon, and metal at each table. Think a random smattering of silver bud vases, tiny pitchers, and of course mint julep cups, mingling with cloth-, ribbon-, and button-covered cylindrical containers of varying heights. Lots of pattern, texture, and of course flowers.

The ceiling of our tent will roughly mirror the tables, by the way - fun (not too dressy) silver chandeliers and paper lanterns in coral, peach, pink, and orange.

Stay tuned for me to find the appropriate time/concentration to do inspiration boards for both of these. It'll be a good project to help me put a clear vision together.

And in the meantime, I'll be dusting off the Sanderling catering policy to see if we can serve signature drinks while we're getting our photos taken on the beach. Mint juleps, anyone?

Fun mint julep cup wedding details:

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