Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getaway modes

One of our favorite things about having the wedding at The Sanderling is how easy it will be for everyone to get to the reception... a simple walk across the street. For everyone staying at the Sanderling - including us! - the trip back "home" that night couldn't be any easier.

But in the spirit of getaway celebrations - and in lieu of having nothing more exotic than my surely fabulous footwear that night to travel in - here are some of my favorite getaway ideas for the rest of you.

Golf cart: East Hill Photography. Bicycle: Michele Waite. Pom pom'd vintage car: Martha Stewart. Canoe: Emilie, Inc. Scooter: East Hill Photography. Motorcycle: Red Fish Photo. Trolley: Bridal Wave TV. What the heck is that thing?!: Heartistic Foto.

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