Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding scandal!

At a hotel bar on Saturday night, Trevor and I were lucky enough to witness all sorts of wedding shenanigans taking place around us. The bar was filled with wedding guests who'd come straight from the reception in the same hotel, and they were hammered. The drama included:
  • Woman falling over
  • Woman having a fight with her husband
  • Woman yelling at her mother
  • One guy gearing up for a fight, with another telling him, "I have your back"
  • "I'm just too old for all this," according to an older woman leaving the bar with her husband
  • Various states of dress-up decline: shirttails out, ties off, buttons undone, no shoes, in some cases a complete change into pajamas and flipflops
It was enough to make us wonder... what are the scandals going to be at our wedding? It was pretty fun fodder for a couple of drinks, actually. We're thinking along the lines of the garage-party craziness of Tracy's wedding, the groom getting us kicked out of both the reception and the after-party at Nancy's wedding, and of course Mikaela's apocalyptic storm on top of the volcano... all the stories that have us still talking about each wedding, the reasons why each was way more fun than if nothing out-of-the-ordinary had taken place.

So if you're on the guest list, chances are we already debated the chances of your contribution to scandal at the wedding. Did any of you make the cut on par with a bridesmaid getting extra-friendly with a guest on top of a table at a wedding that Trevor once attended?

We'll never tell... ;-)


Maggie said...

Speaking of scandal... WOW.

Anonymous said...

maybe at your wedding, someone will offer to bathe me...though jon may not like that. Looking back, I totally wish I had forgone (sp?) all the formality and just had one big the garage...

Moc said...

ill be sure to break something small and inexpensive so that we can have a laugh but not get too crazy :-)

Maggie said...

Perfect, for you, Moc!

And Trace... we can only hope you'll get the same offer. ;-)