Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inspiration Wedding: Emily and Sam

This wedding nails the color and floral element we're going after. The bridesmaid dresses are very close to "Sangria," the guys are all in khaki suits, and the flowers are spectacular... incorporating shades of orange and pink beautifully. The groomsmen's ties are the exact same ties we've already purchased for the guys in our wedding. Her dress... very much the style I've been leaning toward. The outdoor setting is so dramatic here - the Sanderling deck won't be nearly as pristine, but I love their use of flowers along the runner here. My mom and I have been discussing the runner issue - I want to limit the use of white in our wedding, but could handle a white runner if it was liberally covered with flowers like this wedding. Their table settings are traditional, but really fun due to the flowers and gold chairs. And their dessert selection? Spectacular.

See more of Emily and Sam's wedding (especially the fantastic barn conversion).


Heather - bridesmaid :) said...

Oh, great ideas! Love the white runner with the bright flower petals. I think that's a must!

Sasha said...

I love that barn! I also love that red chandelier in the previous post--super fun!

Heather said...

Can I confess that I totally got sucked into Becker's website last night? What an amazing photographer! I've never thought about what I may want when it's my time to get married but that site definitely have me some good ideas. Also made me want to learn photography!