Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inspiration Wedding: Lyndsey and Matt

There are so many things about this wedding I adore... from the bold colors, to the home-grown charm of it, to the patterned textiles paired with small details, to her flowers, to the small sweets instead of cake, to the fabulous lighting, to the BIKE*.

What's relevant about this wedding for me is that it moves from an outdoor ceremony into a tented reception and feels cohesive throughout, using a ton of individuality. Their photography is just amazing... this bride could make anyone want to be a redhead.

For more beautiful photography and details about this wedding, see Lyndsey and Matt.

*Biking Sidenote: I had a fantasy of having the wedding at my all-time favorite place, Ocracoke Island, just so we could rent bikes for all the guests and have everyone roaming the island for a weekend. Multiply expenses and travel stress by about 1,000 to pull off an Ocracoke Wedding, though.

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