Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding Colors

Ah, the ever-burning wedding color debate. Here's how ours went down:
  • Outer Banks beach weddings seem to primarily use palettes of blues, browns, and natural colors (think sky/ocean, sand, and shells), but I love color too much to use those shades, and need the wedding colors to feel like me
  • Green is a huge color for me, but isn't right for a beach wedding, so I ruled it out
  • I love vibrant pinks, oranges, reds, etc., but didn't want our wedding to look like a fall wedding or like it should be in the tropics instead of in North Carolina
  • I definitely didn't want a "pink" wedding
So with the help of Jenny Yoo and her fabulous bridesmaid dress collection, here are the official colors:

Weddingspeak: "Sangria" and "Starburst"

Normalspeak: Coral and Peach

I know what you're thinking... these colors look like pink and pink in the online swatches ("blush and bashful," anyone?!), but in real life they really are coral and peach. Really.

You don't believe me?

Here we are at Stella's in Plano Saturday morning, where my fabulous f-word charmed the staff while I tried on bridesmaid dresses and apparently excelled at being horrendously unphotogenic.

I'm modeling the long Anessa in a size too big, but the colors - Sangria and Starburst - are great. If you click for a closer look, you can see how well the dress matches Trevor's groom's tie.

We're going with the Evelyn and Patricia dresses, by the way... either all four girls in one, or two in each. Try-ons with everyone the next two weekends and we'll know!

And I know, I know...

Cheesiest. Couple. Ever.

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