Sunday, July 27, 2008

Behold, the wedding website

Being the blogger-nerd that I am, of course I would need a wedding website! After looking into a few different companies, I went with Wedshare. They offer great planning tools and the website has lots of functionality, but to be honest, the biggest factor in my decision was the site design. There are some outright UGLY wedding website templates out there. So many companies have websites that work just fine, but you're severely handicapped when it comes to site design, which is all your guests will see and their first impression of the wedding. I couldn't deal with a site loaded with cheesy wedding iconography, generic outdoor photography, or canned tacky colors with awful fonts. I care about fonts; these things matter to me!

With Wedshare, I went with the simplest template possible, turned it red, used a great font, and voila!

We have a few pages up now to communicate the basics of the wedding and share some thoughts about travel, accommodations, and planning the weekend. Over time, we'll activate more pages - wedding party, more wedding details, more of the weekend's itinerary, etc. We've gotten great feedback so far, and from a practical standpoint, having the website means we don't need to include travel information in our formal invitations, which will save us some money.

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