Monday, July 13, 2009

Inquiring Mind: Diana

Diana (an Outer Banks bride-to-be!) has beauty on the brain. She asks:

Where did you get your hair and makeup done? The Sanderling?

My hair was indeed done at The Sanderling Spa. I wanted a loose, curly, beachy updo, and Monique gave it to me. Here's how it looked all pristine and pretty, with my hairpiece from Smitten:

And in action:

Unfortunately, it was a really windy day, especially beach-side. (My poor groom is very dissatisfied with his windblown locks in our photos... how about giving him some love?!) By the end of the night my hair really started coming apart, but since the look was so low-key and curly anyway, I don't think anyone really noticed. You can see it getting unkempt here:

My makeup was done by All Eyes on the Bride (and yes, my sister commented on the irony of someone who didn't want all eyes on her on her wedding day using a business with that name!). Lauren was fabulous. She brought her sister along as her assistant and did the wedding party, moms, and me - and I think we all looked great! Here's Lauren in action:

You remember my search for Nars Cruella, right?

My inspiration was this photo of Drew Barrymore. I was working on a pretty good tan by the time of the wedding, and ended up getting much more sun than anticipated the day before the wedding thanks to our kayaking trip (wearing SPF 50, mind you). So I was a pretty summery-looking May bride. But it turns out, the tanner I am, the more comfortable I feel rocking red lips! The final look:

Coming down the aisle...

And rockin' the red lips during one of my dearest memories from our ceremony - listening to our friends share a reading:

Unrelated side note: I really miss that tan. Here I am celebrating my golden-ness with my Boston gals. (I know, I know, my skin is better off without...) And no judging at our sweaty faces! Late-night it got HOT in that tent!

But back to red lips... want more proof that Team Maggie was awesome? Remember how they organized and found the same killer shoes and all loved them, without me even asking them to wear the same shoes? On the day of the wedding, they all decided to go with red lips, too!

Yay red lips! Yay Team Maggie!

Thanks for your question, Diana, and best of luck!

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Milltini said...

all so the red lips, i always wish i could pull it off but i'm not entirely sure i can!

Milena said...

Maggie, your wedding looks amazing! I've been following your blog for a while and have found your approach to be so fresh & creative. Bravo!

FYI, recently pictures from your blog have not been loading when reading through Google Reader. Not sure why that would be, but thought I'd give you a heads up.

Congratulations again and thanks for all your great blogging and wedding wisdom! :)

Lucky in Love said...

I think the way you and your husband's hair came out in the pictures was just perfect for a beach wedding. Gorgeous!