Friday, July 17, 2009

So much love from ABCD!

What a fantastic feeling for a Friday, waking up to so much love over on the ABCD Designs blog!

ABCD: Bride stays true to her vision

I think she is much too kind, of course, but Amy's point about sticking to your inspiration "guns" is well-taken ... I agree with her that wedding blogs can become inspiration overload at a certain point in your planning process. In a way, because our "theme" was so different than what I was seeing on other blogs, it made our planning process easier - nothing out there was something I could quickly scoop up and incorporate into our event, so I could just ooh and aah objectively. Plus, not only was I already over my head with graphic design and printing up until the last minute, but Team DIY was up to their ears in glue with all the fabric pomander-making, can-wrapping, and votive-decorating. Factor in the travel requirements for all projects to arrive at our tough-to-get-to-wedding, and adding another project just wasn't an option!

Lacking detail angst doesn't make me immune from the problem of too much inspiration, though. The one place I can say this "was it enough?" angst has hit me is with photography. We spent a large portion of our budget on photography and love so many of our photos, but I confess that I do get pangs of "should we have hired a second photographer?" or "instead of going with a local photographer, should we have imported someone?" I'm sure every couple ends up with a few photos they wanted but that just never got taken - whether that was verbalized in advance or a shot you only realized how much you wanted after the fact. As we found with so many other aspects of our wedding, the benefits of getting married in a remote place also become drawbacks - doing anything that's not "home-grown" was exorbitantly expensive. I don't mean to discredit our photographer at all - we truly love our photographs - really. And her presence throughout our day was nothing but a good thing - she is one of those truly warm, free-spirited, FUN people. But because I'm drawn to so much photography on other wedding blogs, it has become that nagging little question in my head, just as others might have that voice worry about their dress, or their flowers, or their music, etc.

But in the spirit of just being thrilled that we pulled off our crazy election-themed party - and to not having regrets, because we did the very best we could with the budget we were comfortable with - let's look at more pretty photos in the next post!

And to Amy, who without question was my absolutely favorite part of our wedding planning process, a huge thank you!

PS... I've moved! Catch up on my daily adventures at The Freckled Citizen!


amy said...

I guess we always want what we can't have, because I LOVE your wedding photos. Seriouslt, I love them! (And I secretly wish that mine were half as good.) :)

Milltini said...

That's awesome! Yay you--your wedding was 1 in a million!

ammanners said...

I love our photographs/photographers too - BUT I have exactly the same kind of remorse. There are a ton of photos that I thought they'd get and didn't. They are uber-professional so it was surprising. I definitely would want to have another shot at that, just to even have a different style of photographs.

Maggie said...

EXACTLY, ammanners! It's not that I want to give back any of our photos - I definitely don't, it's more that I love photography so much I wonder what could've been had an entirely different style of photographer been there as well. Really, I need to stop falling in love with photographers ;-).

Tess said...

Out of curiosity, what are some of the photos you realize would have liked to have in your final collection? Which ones did you feel were "must haves?"