Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lisa and Liam

As many of you remember, my sister Lisa was my Best Woman and was due to give birth to her first child just six days after the wedding. She made it through brilliantly ... rocked her heels, covered her non-maternity bridesmaid dress bunching with a festive sash, and put on a smile! Here's my "Best Of" of the Best Woman:

My nephew Liam was born right on time, exactly on his June 1 due date. He is a sweetheart, as you've already seen... but everyone loves to ooh and aah over baby pictures, so here's some more!

PS... I've moved! Catch up on my daily adventures at The Freckled Citizen!


Lucky in Love said...

Oh my goodness!! He is simply precious!! So cute!

You and your sister look so much alike! What a rock star she is to come through for you like that!

Tara said...

He is so cute! Ya just want to scoop him up and hug him!

And that dress looks completely fantastic on your sister.

amelia said...


also, i have to comment on the "best woman" - my mother, the hippie feminist that she was/is decided that her sister would be her best woman - in lieu of maid of honor...i also decided to bestown that title on my 2 best friends - best women - but haven't heard anyone else use it until now!!

you rock!!

(ps, and you looked gorgeous!!!)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

liam is so beautiful!!!

Kristin said...

Your sister is a rock star. I could barely get off the couch at that point.