Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Glimpse

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Now back to the good stuff...

Trevor and I were among the growing number of couples who chose to see each other before the ceremony. It worked out really well, and was definitely the right decision for us. We took several family photos immediately following the ceremony, but that's really it... we were able to enjoy almost our entire cocktail hour. But what we loved most about taking our photos before the ceremony was that we were able to relax and really enjoy each other alone. By the time the ceremony rolled around, we were calm and joyous and laughing. I should seriously do a collage of all the ridiculous "Maggie cackling with her mouth wide open" shots from our ceremony, because there are about 20 of them. But you know what? I love that I was laughing so hard all the way through. We are kind of funny, after all... And I really think that doing these photos first was a way to help make all that laughter possible.

On to the First Glimpse!

All photos by Julie Dreelin of Beach Productions

I wish there was more of Trevor's face in these, but I still like them.

...and... shoe check! Which leads to the eventual shot that I love of those tall, skinny heels stuck in the rustic boards of our dock setting AGAIN (they also repeatedly pierced the lace in my dress... oops!).

Now up to the landing and down to the beach!

...and away we go!


Lysandra said...

Beautiful! The first few made me a little teary-eyed!

I think we'll be doing the same thing for all the reasons you mentioned. I'm glad to hear you liked how it worked out.

Domestic Diva said...

Ok...these are perfect!! You look beautiful and very much in love. WIshing you many years of happiness together!!
Have a fabulous day!!
xxxxxx me

Lucky in Love said...

I love when he carries your shoes... :)

Amanda said...

I would KILL for those shoes.

marjorie said...

Yeah, but there were some more serious moments during the ceremoney also. Just the right mix really. It was really lovely.

5 Star Weddings said...

gorgeous shoes, I want to get a pair!

Kelly said...

Your red high heels is so fab!