Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You... strategically

A big chunk of our thank you cards went out in the mail yesterday. I love finally getting these out the door!

We had standard stationery created by ABCD Designs in lieu of formal thank you cards. Here's a closeup of the front of our card (yummy letterpress alert!):

When we decided to go with standard stationery instead of official thank you cards, we thought we were being practical: we could slip a photo inside featuring a "thank you" and continue to use the stationery for general purposes after the thank yous were done. In theory, this was smart. What I didn't anticipate was not getting my photos until nearly two months later, meaning that this stickler for thank you etiquette was stressed to the max about getting my cards in the mail so late. My advice for anyone having custom stationery made is to be 110% sure your photos will be ready quickly if you opt for a thank you photo instead of a thank you note.

Amy also made us a rubber stamp with our campaign logo, which we stamped inside the cards with red ink along with our note.

Included inside is our official thank you photo:

Adding our names and the date was purely strategic. Shortly after the wedding, we received two cards in the mail from folks who I thought knew I wasn't changing my name, but apparently hadn't gotten the message. I decided that the best way to approach this is going to be consistent, gentle reminders. Therefore, both of our full names appear on our thank you image, and both of our names are also on our coordinating return address label. It's not a press release, but I hope that small decisions like these will help convey the message over time.

We're thrilled with our cards and have had a blast including images of guests partying at the reception as an extra token of thanks. I'd love any tips any of you might have on ways you've tactfully approached the name issue - please share!

Now... back to finishing the rest!

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Kate said...

Hello, my name is Kate and I still haven't written half of my thank-you notes.

This is 100% shameful, I know. Especially since I am the girl who has sent thank-yous no more than 2 weeks after an event since she was 5. I know I technically have a year, but that's horseshit. What would Emily (or Anna) Post think?

Maggie said...

Yeah... we should probably not be friends anymore.


Lucky in Love said...

Your thank yous are awesome! What a great picture of you guys! Super cute :)

I think you should just keep doing what you are doing. Always sign both of your full names to people not getting the hint and use the address labels like you are. Hopefully they'll come around :)

Maggie said...

Jenny, you're right about the consistent use of full names - we started doing it consistently during our car shopping process, which involved constant introductions. It's just easier to introduce ourselves as Firstname Lastname and let them figure it out rather than correct a mistake. We're wearing rings, whatevs!

mjae said...

As always, you're so wise to pick the firm but consistent route.

Eric & I have to do the same thing, since people expect that he did NOT change his name, even though they get that I did. Even so, most strangers on the phone or car-buying situations end up calling us both Whitmore.

I'm over it. I hardly even notice except to be amused that people just can't handle the hyphenated last names, even in the 21st century.

Quick question: Will your kids (no hurry!) be Hangars?

Anonymous said...

These are so cute-your colors were simply fantastic. That's such a great subtle reminder to put both of your names on the photos, hopefully that'll work! My boyfriend and I are living together (not engaged) and we're getting mail from family members addressed Mr. & Mrs. X. Ugh. Anyway, your thank you notes look fabulous!!

Maggie said...

Mikaela, remember when I sent that package for Umea to you and warned you in advance that the UPS Store label printed out only "Whitmore"?! The worst!

For kids, I'm fine with them being Hangers. I'm not sure I want them to have a hyphenated name (nothing at all against Umea's - it's beautiful!). I'm sure I'm inconsistent on some level by not being bothered by kids having only their father's name, but I'm just really not. Kind of curious, I guess.

Amberdawn said...

Love the thank yous, very sweet! And good idea to "reinforce" the names :)