Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding music fantasy: Iron and Wine

Last night we saw two fantastic shows - Iron and Wine (a house fave) and The Swell Season. It was a pretty crummy day - and we're both sick on top of it - but we'd been looking forward to the night for ages, so we prepared to get carried away by some great music and forget about the rest of it.

Sam Beam and Glen Hansard put an absolute spell over us, which they are apt to do. Beam sparked up a discussion we like to have about fantasy wedding singers. We have fun with this debate partly because we both love live music (our Save the Dates, anyone?), but also because we actually know someone who tried to price out the Dave Matthews Band for their wedding several years ago.

Our fantasy wedding singer list always varies, from the classic - Van Morrison - to the weird - paying homage to my gloomy beach music of teen years past and the weird way it makes me happy via Robert Smith or Morrissey. (I mean really, the delicious irony of lovelorn depressed singers at a wedding?!) The truth is, there aren't really any bands out on the Outer Banks anyway, so we're having a DJ. But last night, we were happy imagining the possibilities of the dreamy, cerebral contentment that Mr. Sam Beam and his band Iron and Wine could bring to our hitching. See why for yourself:


Sasha said...

I'm going to that same concert tonight at Popejoy! It made me think of you because you kept telling me that I had to see Once, even though I was resistant because I thought it was the movie with all the Beatles music. Yay, I wish you could get them for your wedding too.

Maggie said...

Oh yay... Gene was there too! Can't wait to hear about it.

In Dallas, Glen Hansard broke out into an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" after someone jokingly requested it from the crowd. Phenomenal.

Sasha said...

That would have been awesome. He was really funny. Sam Beam's last song was "Albuquerque" by Neil Young, and he got all of the Swell Season musicians on stage to join him.

I kept thinking about kidnapping Sam Beam and only letting him go once he promised to sing at your wedding, but I couldn't do it-- I would have missed too much of the rest of the concert!