Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can't. Stop.

Looking. At. This. Wedding.

Grassy folksy fun gets me every time. Especially when bikes and a to-die-for dress are thrown in, with the entire affair coming off as a unique event full of individuality and their story. Sigh...


Maggie said...

Update: Thanks to the power of The Internets, I discovered two things:

A) Ali and Evan, this couple, own a fantastic cafe/coffee shop in Portland, are both chefs, and have an impossibly charming blog. I'm pretty sure I'm insanely jealous of their life.

B) Ali's gorgeous dress is made by Alvina Velenta (doesn't it look so much better on Ali than on the model?), which unfortunately is only sold in Texas at the bridal boutique my friend Lisa has already warned me against (she says they're even worse than The Bitchy Bridal Boutique, if you can believe it). But because I'm a glutton for punishment, I called them anyway, and to my relief/dismay, they do not carry said gown.

Can anyone tell it's a completely slow and boring workweek?

Sasha said...

Hey Maggie,

It is a small world... I saw this wedding the other day when Ali & Evan posted links because I read their Little Red Bike Cafe blog... which I started reading via 101Cookbooks...which I started reading via you. (That dress does look way better on Ali than the model). Check out the ice cream flavors that they make at their cafe...carmelized bacon favors heavily in the rotation. Along with many other unusual but delicious sounding flavors.

Did you post that you are going veil free? I think that birdcage veil is adorable.

Maggie said...

I figured that of everyone who might read this, you'd be the one who'd have the biggest connection. ;-) Love that THAT'S the bacon dessert connection we've been talking about!

I think their wedding is just divine.

Veil: it's true, no veil for me. Although without question, if I were to wear a veil, I'd wear a birdcage veil. I think they're adorable. Some days I imagine a tea-length dress with peeptoe heels and a birdcage veil and I can't help but smile.

You, by the way, are a shoo-in for a birdcage veil. :-)

Sasha said...

I'm a shoo-in for a birdcage veil even if I never get married! I have the cutest vintage hat with hot pink velvet rose petals all over it and a little veil which is similar in feel... maybe I should build my wedding guest attire around it.

I totally looked into going to their cafe when I was in Portland, but it was eight miles away and I only had small breaks in my work day. Next time! (Oh, we should try to both do a workshare project in Portland at the same time. How fun would that be?)

Maggie said...

The blog Once Wed is doing an entire week of posts by Ali about their wedding!