Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Mikaela

In honor of this week's birthday girl Mikaela - who's going to be responsible for another little birthday come springtime and is about to have her first anniversary! - I present The Miraculous Volcano Hailstorm Wedding of September 2007.

The plan was perfect! The weather? Not so much. Here's the group of us trudging back down the volcano in rain, wind, and hail - which conveniently started when we were at the top of the volcano, 1/4-mile away from the cars, and hurt! It's pretty funny that Trevor and I are leading the pack here, considering that I'm in heels and his shirt is transparent. (Plus, ask him: Big Ears = Insane Hail Catchment System)

(When I plopped a wet, muddy ball of clothes in front of the dry cleaner two days later, there was a long silence, followed by "What happened?"
But miraculously, everything was saved!)

By the time we got back down to the cars, the weather finally let up. And here - here! - is the happy bride, who was grinning so much a rainbow even came out for her.

Now that is some resiliency, folks. Grace under pressure, anyone?

Since the weather prevented the ceremony from taking place on the volcano, we had to regroup and meet back at their house for an impromptu backyard ceremony that night. And you know what? It was perfect that way.

Love you, Mikaela.

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