Monday, April 5, 2010

Brides Magazine Feature!

Our wedding is featured in the May 2010 issue of Brides Magazine! Here's the feature "Red White & True."
(click for larger images)

This will be my last post for Eat, Drink, Marry. It was great fun maintaining the blog during our wedding planning process, and added so much to the experience for me. My EAD wedding recap is here, and you can always find me here. I'll keep this blog as a testament to the twists and turns of making our little wedding ours, so enjoy it!

Happy planning, everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our wedding in print!

Hi folks! Long time, no blogging!

We got some great news today... our wedding is going to be featured in a national wedding publication in the spring! In advance of that, they've asked that we take down our photos from blogs, so I'm going to temporarily remove the content on Eat, Drink, Marry to respect their wishes.

I'll turn the blog back on after the publication is out, because I've loved having it here as a resource for other weirdo/crafty/nerdy/patterned/bright brides, and have so enjoyed receiving your comments and e-mails this long after our wedding took place.

Thanks so much for all your support for our crazy beach party, and come say hi over at my permanent blog The Freckled Citizen.

Best of luck and happy planning to you all!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding recaps all week on EAD!

You diehard Eat, Drink, Marry-ers already know the dirty details, of course, but in case you've missed the tales of how we pulled off our red, blue, patterned-out-the-wazoo wedding, come read my recaps on Elizabeth Anne Designs! I'll be there all week telling the story from scratch.

On a side note, it's tough writing about your wedding when you have to explain it all at once. Writing over here a little bit at a time - inside jokes understood, sarcasm appreciated, F-Word chiming in - was a whole different (easier) shebang. I'm exhausted!

Buckets of thanks to Ami at EAD for giving me the recap opportunity. Now, if only I could get my act together and send off those wedding submission packets for print magazines...

Monday, August 3, 2009

For the Love of Red Shoes!

Inspired by Pink Galoshes' post on Valentino bow pumps this morning, I thought I'd do a little tribute to my own fabulous Valentino bow wedding shoes (in RED, of course!). Some of these images you've seen, but I've never put them all together. So in the name of flaming red "bridal" shoes... enjoy!

Also, Let me know what other wedding images/descriptions you guys would like to see here. I'll be posting a big recap over on EAD Weddings soon, but I can still fill in a few holes here, too, if you're interested. And remember, I'm blogging on a daily basis over on my new blog The Freckled Citizen (I posted about shoes there just this morning... old habits die hard), so come and visit me there for a dose of everyday, non-wedding talk, too. :-)

Now... on the red Valentino extravaganza!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi, blog! Nice to have you back again! GRRRR.....

What should I learn from my blogging experience this weekend? It went something like this:

1. Coming home on Friday night and logging into Blogger to fix a (gasp!) typo on the top post at Freckled Citizen.

2. "Your Blogger account has been disabled." EEK.

3. Finding out that my various partners in crime for all three of my blogs - Trevor (The F-Word from Eat, Drink, Marry) and the lovely Marjorie and Mikaela from m-pyre - had been disabled, too.

4. While Freckled Citizen and m-pyre's URLs were still working (even though I couldn't access Blogger to create new posts or edit existing posts), Eat, Drink, Marry gave me the notice "This blog has been removed."

4. Seeing that an extremely large number of people were screaming their heads off over on the Blogger Help Forum about the exact same thing happening to them on Friday night. We're talking large-scale and massive frustration.

5. Leaving countless forum posts, filling out countless forms, sending endless tweets, and sending endless e-mails to Blogger/Google but receiving absolute, resounding silence from them... and seeing even more people plea for help all day Saturday on the forum or on Twitter.

6. Frustratingly waiting for resolve all weekend (when I normally don't blog anyway) wondering if I'd get my blogs back, what I'd do if they were permanently deleted, and basically bitching about unfair the whole thing was.

7. Sunday night... ta-da! My blogs and blog access reappeared.

Now am I supposed to be jumping up and down and thanking Blogger for returning my blogs to me? Well, no. Because it never should've happened in the first place. Is the answer here "you get what you pay for," which in Blogger's case, is nothing? Is migrating to Wordpress (which I'm not a fan of) the only solution?Anyone have any gems of wisdom ? Because to me this weekend is a big warning to run far away from Blogger, or risk it all happening again. Only, I'm not sure what action that implies. Sigh... any ideas?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Glimpse

Quick announcement before we move on to the pics... I switched my new blog url to one without a "the," so please change your bookmarks to Things might be in transition for a day or so, but all Blogger-supported links seem to work already. Thanks for reading!

Now back to the good stuff...

Trevor and I were among the growing number of couples who chose to see each other before the ceremony. It worked out really well, and was definitely the right decision for us. We took several family photos immediately following the ceremony, but that's really it... we were able to enjoy almost our entire cocktail hour. But what we loved most about taking our photos before the ceremony was that we were able to relax and really enjoy each other alone. By the time the ceremony rolled around, we were calm and joyous and laughing. I should seriously do a collage of all the ridiculous "Maggie cackling with her mouth wide open" shots from our ceremony, because there are about 20 of them. But you know what? I love that I was laughing so hard all the way through. We are kind of funny, after all... And I really think that doing these photos first was a way to help make all that laughter possible.

On to the First Glimpse!

All photos by Julie Dreelin of Beach Productions

I wish there was more of Trevor's face in these, but I still like them.

...and... shoe check! Which leads to the eventual shot that I love of those tall, skinny heels stuck in the rustic boards of our dock setting AGAIN (they also repeatedly pierced the lace in my dress... oops!).

Now up to the landing and down to the beach!

...and away we go!