Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our wedding in print!

Hi folks! Long time, no blogging!

We got some great news today... our wedding is going to be featured in a national wedding publication in the spring! In advance of that, they've asked that we take down our photos from blogs, so I'm going to temporarily remove the content on Eat, Drink, Marry to respect their wishes.

I'll turn the blog back on after the publication is out, because I've loved having it here as a resource for other weirdo/crafty/nerdy/patterned/bright brides, and have so enjoyed receiving your comments and e-mails this long after our wedding took place.

Thanks so much for all your support for our crazy beach party, and come say hi over at my permanent blog The Freckled Citizen.

Best of luck and happy planning to you all!



brit @ landlocked bride said...

That is FANTASTIC news (and I'm mildly jealous). Congrats!!

jo anne said...

i just heard the wonderful news from julie! this is so exciting.
love your blog.
jo anne (renee's assistant)

Anu Shenoi said...

That is great! Congratulations!